Private guidance

Holistic Health and Life Guidance

Are stress, fatigue, and anxiety part of your everyday life? Do you wish for a more balanced lifestyle and create long-term well-being? Do you want to learn tools to feel good inside and out in your everyday life? Do you wish to learn to listen to your body and boost your energy? Do you want to create a loving relationship with yourself and find your inner power? Do you need help finding a healthy lifestyle with food, exercise, digestion and hormonal balance?

I can help you with the above and much more. Through conversations and exercises, we will set up a program where you are guided step by step to create changes in your life. Small steps at a time will eventually lead to sustainable changes. The program is designed uniquely for you, and you will receive personal guidance throughout the whole program.

The guidance will take place through video calls.

English or Swedish.

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Shamanic healing and guidance

Are you stuck in old patterns and wounds? Have you lost joy, energy, or motivation in life? Do you feel that something is preventing you from reaching your highest potential? Do you want tools to learn to trust your intuition? Sometimes we do not know where the unbalance in life is or why things do not feel right.

In shamanism, we use processes beyond our rational mind and logical thinking. We use in-depth healing methods in harmony with the elements of nature and our chakra system. We search for the answers and the healing that are not obvious and might hide under all layers of our life. The session begins with conversations where we use shamanic aids to identify what is going on in your life. I will use ancient shamanic healing techniques and hold a safe space for you to heal and find your way back to your inner power, wisdom, and heart’s longing.

This session is for you who are ready to step out of the old and into who you really are, you who wish to find your inner magical power and live from your heart.

Available live in Mallorca, or distance on phone or video call. In English or Swedish.

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