Pia Ebon Lindgren is the creator of Holo Life

“I am passionate about holistic health, yoga, breathwork, meditation, self-development, personal growth, spirituality, ceremonies, and rituals. I love to share my knowledge and experiences and support others on their journey to a happy, healthy, and meaningful life.

My health journey has been long and varied, and I have a history of exhaustion, stress, anxiety, and worry. I have worked in industries such as marketing and PR, fashion, and consulting jobs that required a lot of performance, high results, and many long hours of work per day. During these years, I lost parts of myself, especially the connection with my inner self.

Those stressful years lead me on a healing journey and search for a new way of living. Through in-dept studies at different holistic health schools, yoga- meditation- and breath trainings, numerous health courses, shamanic and healing techniques education, I found a way out of stress and anxiety. My studies and teachings later landed in the creation of Holo Life.

I created Holo Life as a healing tool and health journey. With Holo Life I want to spread sustainable, long-term, and holistic paths to inner and bodily well-being. Through the traditions of yoga, breathwork, holistic living, and energy healing techniques I have found my way to healing.

I hope I get the opportunity to share them with you someday.”

  • Certified yoga, pranayama, and meditation teacher:
    700+h RYT Yoga Alliance. Hatha-, Vinyasa-, Yin-, Nidra-, Chakra-yoga, Pranayama
  • Certified Breathwork Therapy facilitator:
    300h InnerCamp
  • Certified Holistic Health and Life coach:
    IIN – Health and Nutrition School New York, Numerous of different holistic health courses
  • Medicine Woman shamanic healing facilitator:
    Medicine woman training, The Shamanic medicine wheel, Numerous of different trainings and courses
  • Ceremonial cacao facilitator