Holo Ceremonies

A ceremony is a sacred gathering to celebrate, honor, bless, manifest, release, let go, and mark important events in life. In a ceremony, we use different rituals to celebrate the specific event. As in ancient traditions, we often meet in a circle. In the power of a sacred circle we share our stories, experiences, and emotions. We mirror each other, and are reminded of parts of ourselves that we might have forgotten. We are listened to and receive healing.

I host ceremonies and circles around the moon phases, season shifts, nature celebrations, and other important life events.

Group ceremonies

  • Full moon ceremonies

The release and celebrate gratitude. The full moon energy brings us into a phase of reflection,

turning inwards, stillness and femininity. During the full moon the Yin energies are the strongest.

  • New moon ceremonies

Set intentions and manifest. The new moon energy offers us new beginnings and plants seeds for the future.

  • Cacao ceremonies

Cacao is a sacred healing plant medicine. To share the cacao in a ceremony brings deep healing for the body, mind, and spirit.

All ceremonies are adapted to the purpose of the ceremony and the people anticipating. I use different techniques and tools like; guided breathwork, meditation, movement, dancing, singing, drum journeys, sound healing, mandala, and despacho creations. They may also include different kinds of activations such as; chakra, heart, self-compassion, self-healing, yin and yang, femininity, and masculinity.

Examples of private ceremonies

  • Baby blessing

A ceremony for the pregnant mother. Preparing the mother-to-be for motherhood and blessing the baby´s way into this world.

A ritual celebrated with friends or alone.

  • Name blessing

A ceremony to bless the baby or child´s name,

Gather family and friends or only parents and child.

  • Life celebration

Gather friends and family in a ceremony to celebrate life.

  • House clearance 

Clear your new or current house from unwanted energies.


I tailor ceremonies and rituals for private events, groups and gatherings. Please contact info@hololife.se